A true friend is someone who says nice things behind your back. Anthony Hall (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

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Think back on the past three years.

Think about how the types of people you surrounded yourself with have changed over time. Think of how your values have evolved. Think about how many times you have been hurt or disappointed. Now think about how many times you overcame your emotional and mental hurdles and kept running that race.

You’ve come pretty damn far, haven’t you? Noor Shirazie (via aestheticintrovert)

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Troubled skin? Here are some things I’ve learned/that work for me.


As many of you know, I’ve had serious issues with acne, mostly under skin types. Well through testing a myriad of products/methods/”treatments”, I have found some very good things that have helped me, so I figured I’d share them and maybe they’ll help one of you!


  • Wash your face twice a day with warm/hot water: once when you wake up and once before bed. Use a basic, oil free, senstive face wash in the morning, and a more aggressive cleanser at night. If you do have acne, get an oil-free facial cleanser that has salicylic acid. I use St. Ives Apricot Scrub Blemish and Blackhead Control, and I recommend it. Try to get a facial cleanser that uses mostly natural ingredients and the less ingredients, the better. 
  • Also, moisturize! If you do wash your face, you probably have noticed your skin can get dry. I use Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15. I recommend oil-free, light moisturizer that contains at least 15 SPF. (If you are getting made up to take pictures, do not use a moisturizer with SPF because it makes you look pasty!) 
  • Change your pillow case weekly, or more. 
  • Try to touch your face as little as possible
  • Eat healthy! Try eating more fruits and vegetables, and drinking more water. This cleared my skin up a lot. Smoothies are a great way to clear your skin, but make them yourself! Try adding spinach and honey to a fruit smoothie! (You can’t taste the spinach, promise. But check your teeth when you’re done :) )
  • Drink tea. Green tea, white tea, black tea. Any type of herbal tea is amazing and has great health benefits, and even clears skin! If you don’t like tea, try brewing some and rubbing the tea on your face, or holding the warm tea bag against a pimple that’s giving you grief.
  • If you wear glasses, clean them often! 

For little tiny pimples (if you wake up with white heads or like, just little ones everywhere):

  • When getting ready for bed, look in the mirror and pop any zits that have appeared (with clean hands!) and wash your face. If you wake up with whiteheads, try not moisturizing your face before bed. 
  • Wash your bedding frequently. 
  • Eat healthy/drink water/tea

For cystic acne (under the skin pimples):

  • Find out what causes them. For me, it’s dairy products. If you notice you have one, think about everything you’ve consumed in the past week and do some testing. Get to know what your body likes and what it doesn’t like, listen to it! This is how I found out I’m lactose intolerant, thankfully, not throwing up after eating cheese.
  • Try the teabag thing I mentioned in the general section! Especially if those suckers are painful. The warmth from the teabag will help it raise and make it pop-able/ faster to get rid of.
  • Drink. Water/Tea. Lots of it.

For dry skin: 

  • FIRST: Check the ingredients in your face wash. Is there menthol in it? If so, stop using it. Menthol is a drying-out substance and therefore, probably the cause of your dry face. (Same thing goes for chapstick!!! It’ll only make you buy more! Stay away from menthol!!!!)
  • Try washing your face only once a day
  •  Drink water!!! You know how your lips get dry when you’re thirsty? So does your face!

For blackheads:

  • This works for dry skin too! Put some fresh lemon juice (or use half a lemon) on a washcloth/cotton pad/cotton ball/in your hands and rub the juice all over your face then take white granulated sugar and scrub. If you don’t understand, watch this!
  • Wash your blackhead areas with a salicylic acid containing cleanser. 
  • STEAM IS YOUR FRIEND! Wash your face in a hot shower! Wait 3-5 minutes before washing to give your pores a chance to open up.
  • Try a steam bowl! Add hot hot hot water to a large bowl and stick your face in it (don’t touch the water!) for 3-5 minutes (the longer the better) and put a towel over your head. Breathe in that steam. Wash your face.

Hope this helped! Let me know if you try anything and if it works! Add some tips if you have em too!

DISCLAIMER: I am just stating what’s worked for ME. I am not you, you are not me, none of you are alike. Neither is our skin. You have to experiment to find a routine that works for you.



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